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5 Summer Trends You Need To Try

Here are 5 statement trends to give you bold lashes this summer... Do you dare?!

10th April 2023



The warmer weather is upon us and festival season is looming. Now there's another way to bring some colour. Whether it's a bold and bright lash line or a streak of subtle pastel, coloured lashes are the perfect way to create a truly captivating and unique lash look and add an extra pop of colour to those summer fits.


Lash lovers want length! The Russian mega volume sets of 2018 are no longer the firm favourite. More and more of our clients are requesting longer lash extensions. We love to cater to all your needs and wants here at the salon but your lash health is our top priority.

If a lash extension is too heavy it can damage or even break your natural lash!

If you have any questions ask one of our technicians, and as long as your natural lash can handle it they'll be happy to get lengthy with those lashes!


Though this trend first appeared in 2019 its no longer just worn by the bold. More clients are requesting this Sultry look for their everyday lashes. The wet look is created using a hybrid technique that mimics the spikes created when lashes are dipped in water. The style uses a combination of individual classic lashes and volume fans applied to the lashes much the same as a hybrid set. The difference is in the fans. where the fans are left open on a hybrid set, we close them to form a denser spike to create the wet look.


Or Extreme cat eye! We've noticed a new trending lash style and we can't get enough. We all know and love the cat eye effect with shorter lashes gradually lengthening to long lashes at the outer corner. The eyeliner effect uses extremely short lashes starting from 5-6 mm lengthening to the long and extremely angled L curl mimicking winged eyeliner. We're obsessed and can't wait to perfect it and bring it to you.


Lash gems are tiny, jewel-like adornments that are applied to individual lash extensions for a touch of sparkle and glam. They come in a variety of shapes and colours and are especially popular for special occasions like weddings or proms, where a little extra sparkle can make all the difference. Your lash technician will use a special adhesive to attach them to the lash extensions, carefully placing them along the lash line for a seamless and eye-catching effect. The gems are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you won't even notice they're there.

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