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About Koo Caprice

Koo Caprice is a Hertfordshire Based Beauty Therapist specialising in lash treatments from natural sets of individual lashes to full sets of volume lashes. Koo takes time to tailor each clients lash sets, ensuring and encouraging healthy natural lash growth because if you have not got healthy natural lashes ladies lash enhancements cannot be applied.

Prior to being based in Hertfordshire, Koo provided high standard beauty treatments in London since 2008.

Koo's passion is to achieve and fulfil her clients individual needs, as a result most of her clientele is based on repeat customers and referrals. Koo likes to see myself as reliable, friendly, dedicated & most importantly a professional therapist.

As a beautician Koo likes to master and offer her most popular treatments, resulting in her Lash & Brow Treatments.

Since 2019 Koo Caprice upped her game and shared her knowledge / skills in the industry offering online and face to face courses In Lash Extensions and Brow Treatments.

Successfully Koo has trained over 150 students worldwide.

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