Welcome to Koo Caprice. 

We're a growing team of eyelash and brow artists and trainers based in Hertfordshire.

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Do you want longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes? Ready to say goodbye to mascara and hello to a quick morning make-up routine? What are you waiting for! Get booked in for your lashes this week.

Let us train you in beauty therapy...

Even if you’re a complete beginner or have been lashing for a while, we're proud to bring you quality lash training.

We've built up our manuals from scratch using years of experience, knowledge and skills learnt to ensure we deliver the very best for our students.


Lash trainer and artist, Koo continuous professional development keeps her updated with all the latest techniques; products and regulatory information needed in the industry, She also off all of my students ongoing support.​

“I look forward to my appointments every single time I visit Koo Caprice. An experience – almost ritual – worth every penny. Kind and caring experience and she never fails to put a smile and a brilliant look on my face."

- Paula, London